Release notes - version 4.0.1

This version of Atlantis Word Processor adds support for new text wrapping styles - Tight and Through. Now the document text can wrap not only around the picture's rectangular frame but also around the object displayed on the picture:

Text wrapping around the fish

The new wrapping styles can be applied to the selected picture through the menu of the "Picture layout" button of the "Picture" context toolbar:

New commands of the 'Page layout' menu

When you apply the Tight or Through wrapping style to a picture with white background, Atlantis automatically detects the object displayed on the picture, and wraps the text around it accordingly. But you can manually outline objects on pictures with any background.

Please see the following Help topics for details:

Wrap points

Below you can also download sample documents created with this new version of Atlantis:

The 'Ship' sample document
The 'Insects' sample document
The 'Dolls' sample document
The 'Pyramid' sample document
The 'Moon' sample document
The 'Flowers' sample document

Important note: This version is a free update for the registered users of version 4.x and the owners of the Ultimate license. If you are a registered user of a previous major version of Atlantis Word Processor, please click here for the upgrade instructions.

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