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You can quickly sort a selection of paragraphs in ascending alphabetical order by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+K, A keys. To sort in descending alphabetical order, press the Ctrl+Shift+K, Z keys. When Atlantis sorts paragraphs, it automatically detects and selects duplicate items. When duplicate items are selected, they are easily deleted by pressing Del.
Wrap points

For pictures with the Tight or Through text wrapping style, you can control how text wraps around the picture by specifying the so called wrap points:

Wrap points

These points form a polygon (the shape's outline) that the text flows around:

Wrap points

When you apply the Tight or Through wrapping style to a picture with white background, Atlantis automatically computes wrap points for the picture. But you can always manually specify wrap points for pictures with any background. To do so, select the required picture, then choose the Edit Wrap Points command from the menu of the "Picture layout" button of the "Picture" context toolbar:

The 'Edit Wrap Points' command

If the text wrapping style of the selected picture is neither Tight nor Through, clicking the "Edit Wrap Points" command automatically applies the Tight wrapping style.

Note that it is easier to edit wrap points when you see the picture up close. So when editing wrap points, you might wish to zoom in the document view.

To move a wrap point, grab it with the mouse, and drag to the required location:

Moving a wrap point

You can add a new wrap point by clicking the dash line between any two other wrap points:

Adding a wrap point

If you do not release the mouse button after clicking the dash line, you can immediately start dragging the new wrap point to another location.

To delete a wrap point, click it while holding the Ctrl key pressed. Note that the picture must have at least 3 wrap points.

To remove all the added wrap points (i.e. to switch to the default set of four wrap points), you can use the Reset Wrap Points command from the menu of the "Picture layout" button of the "Picture" context toolbar:

The 'Reset Wrap Points' command

Note that this command is available only when the selected picture has custom wrap points.

To finish editing the wrap points, you can

  • choose the "Edit Wrap Points" command from the menu of the "Picture layout" Button image button of the "Picture" context toolbar,
  • click anywhere else in the document,
  • or press the Esc key.

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