Release notes - version 3.2.4

This version of Atlantis Word Processor introduces the Reveal Formatting tool. You can use it to expose and fix formatting mistakes and inconsistencies in your documents, compare formatting of document fragments, and many more.

The Reveal Formatting tool is available as a new panel of the Control Board:

The 'Reveal Formatting' panel

Please click here for details.

Alongside other minor changes and amendments, this version includes a new default color palette that is utilized by by the "Font color" Button image, "Highlight" Button image, and a number of other commands of Atlantis. Now this palette includes more colors with their standard HTML names:

New default color palette

To switch to the new default color palette, click the "Customize" button of the palette:

Customize color palette

then the "Restore Default" button:

Reset color palette

Note: If you are a registered user of Atlantis Word Processor version 2.x (and higher), you can upgrade to version 3.2.4 for free.

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