Release notes - version

This version of Atlantis is a minor release with a number of improvements and changes regarding pictures. Please read on for details.

Better support for image-rich documents

Previous versions of Atlantis had some difficulty processing documents containing many big pictures. This version of Atlantis lifts such limitation. You can now include as much graphic content in your Atlantis documents as you want.

The Info section in the "Picture" dialog

The pictures in your Atlantis documents are stored in one of the graphic formats supported by Atlantis. In most cases they are stored in the PNG or JPEG format, and more rarely in other graphic formats.

In this version of Atlantis, you can easily find out which graphic format is actually behind a picture by double-clicking it in the document window. Atlantis will immediately bring up the Picture dialog with detailed information about the graphic format involved:

Picture dialog

This kind of information will come in handy in a number of cases:

Better pasting of images from Web browsers

The "Paste" command of Atlantis has been improved. Now when you right-click a picture on a Web page, choose the "Copy" command from the browser menu

The right-click menu

then paste the Windows clipboard contents into Atlantis, in most cases Atlantis will store the original graphic file in the document. So if you right-click and copy a JPEG image from a Web page, Atlantis will paste the original JPEG file into your document as is.

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