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Inserting accents and other characters not directly available from the keyboard can be a breeze if you put appropriate entries in the Atlantis AutoCorrect dialog. Click here for details...
How to get the spellchecker suggestions from the keyboard

When we encounter a misspelt red-underlined word in a document, most of us usually grab the mouse and right-click the word for a list of suggestions from the spellchecker:


If one of the suggestions is appropriate, a click on it fixes the misspelling.

However, you might find it quite inconvenient to have to switch to the mouse each time you want to have a look at the list of spelling suggestions. No problem! You can display the spellchecker suggestions from the keyboard. Just place the insertion cursor within the misspelt word (or immediately after its last letter), and press the Menu key on your keyboard to display the spellchecker suggestions for the current red-underlined word.

The Menu key looks like this:

The 'Menu' key

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