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You can quickly duplicate a selection of text or picture by pressing the Ctrl+K, C keys. The duplicate item is automatically inserted next to the source selection.
"Print Envelopes" dialog

Printer options

The Name box lists the printers connected to your computer. Choose the desired printer from this list.

Click the Properties button to set up options for the printer such as print quality, paper source, etc. The actual options depend on the printer's specific features. When you click the OK button, Atlantis memorizes the current settings of your printer. The next time you call this dialog, Atlantis will restore the last used printer with its last used settings.

If the Print to file box is checked, the envelopes will be printed to a file instead of routing them directly to a printer. The envelope is saved with the printer formatting, such as font selection and color specifications, in a .prn file that can be printed on another printer.


With the Number of copies box you can specify the number of copies of identical envelopes you want to print.

When you have selected more than one copy, the Collate box specifies whether you want the copies to be collated.

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