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You can use the Atlantis Find / Replace dialog to determine how many times a particular word or phrase was used in a document or a selection.
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"Page Settings" dialog

This dialog allows to adjust various components of a section's page settings.

"Margins" tab

Use the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right boxes to specify the reserved blank space around the edges of the page. Note that most printers require minimum values for margin settings, since they cannot print too close to the edge of pages. If you specify margins which are too small, some of the document text might be cut off. Please check your printer manual for information about the minimal margins supported by your printer model.

When Mirror margins is checked, odd pages have the same left margin as the right margin of even pages, and the right margin of odd pages is the same as the left margin of even pages:

Mirror margins

As a rule, mirror margins are used for two-sided printing. Note that this characteristic of Page Settings is shared by all the document sections (if a document contains multiple sections).

To specify the distance between the top edge of the paper and the top edge of the header, and the distance between the bottom edge of the paper and the bottom edge of the footer, use the Header and Footer boxes respectively. Note if the Header margin is larger than the Top margin, Atlantis displays the document main text below the header.

"Page Format" tab

You can choose the desired paper format from the Paper format box. Alternatively you can specify the required page width and height individually through the Width and Height boxes.

When the Portrait orientation selected, Atlantis prints the document across the width of the page (letter style).

When the Landscape orientation selected, Atlantis prints the document across the length of the page (spreadsheet style).

"Layout" tab

Check the Different odd and even box if you want to have different headers and footers on odd and even pages of your document. Otherwise the same header and the same footer will be used on odd and even pages.
Note that this option is shared by all the document sections (if a document contains multiple sections).

If you want to have a different header and footer on the first page of a target section, check the Different first page box. Otherwise Atlantis will not use any special header or footer for the first page of that section. It will be considered ordinary page, ie Atlantis will use the same header and footer for this page and for the rest of the pages of this section.

Click the Default button if you want the current page settings to become the default page settings. Atlantis will apply them to the default document template, and they will be used for creating new documents.

Use the Apply to box to specify where the new page settings should be applied to.


  • You can quickly bring the Page Settings dialog by double-clicking the interpage space of a document window or the margin on either side of the document ruler:

    Page settings

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