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You will get detailed information about the default hot keys of Atlantis if you press Shift+F1.
"Organize Favorites" dialog

The Favorites folder box tells the location of the folder where Atlantis stores links to your favorite documents.

The View... button opens the Favorites folder for browsing in Windows Explorer. You could remove individual items from your Favorites, create new subfolders in your Favorites, or remove existing folders, or move links from one subfolder to another one. Use the right-click menu of Windows Explorer for adjusting your Favorites. For example, to delete a link of interest, right-click it in Windows Explorer, then choose Delete from the menu. For creating a new subfolder within your Favorites, right-click a blank space in Windows Explorer, then the New | Folder command from the right-click menu.

The Add Documents... button can be used for adding documents to your Favorites without opening these documents. Simply click the Add Documents... button, then select a document (or multiple documents) which you want to add to Favorites. For selecting multiple documents, hold the Ctrl key, then click the desired documents. The links to the selected document(s) would be added to your Favorites.

Your Favorites might contain links to obsolete documents. To remove such links from your Favorites, click Remove Obsolete. Atlantis would automatically check each link from your Favorites. If a link is associated with a nonexisting document, Atlantis would automatically remove this invalid link.

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