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Atlantis can automatically generate a Table Of Contents for your document. Use the Insert | Table Of Contents... menu command. Or press the corresponding toolbar button:
"Manual Hyphenation" dialog

This dialog displays the end-of-line word that Manual Hyphenation currently suggests to hyphenate across lines.

A blue marker Blue marker indicates where an optional hyphen will be inserted if you press the Hyphenate button. The red lines show all possible hyphen positions as suggested by Atlantis. You can either

  • accept the suggested location for the hyphen (blue marker),

  • click any other suggested position (red lines) to define a different hyphen position,

  • click any other location within the word to place a hyphen where you'd rather have it.

Whenever you click within a word in such a way, the blue marker is automatically moved to the newly-defined location for the hyphen.

Note that you cannot insert a hyphen between letters when they are displayed on a gray background in this dialog. The gray area defines a zone where hyphenation is no longer possible at the end of the document line.

Click Hyphenate if you want Atlantis to insert a hyphen into the active document at the current blue marker position. An optional hyphen will be inserted automatically.

Click Don't Hyphenate if you want Atlantis not to hyphenate the current word. The next end-of-line word requiring hyphenation will automatically be displayed in this same dialog window.

You can also press the Customize... button to bring up the Customize Hyphenation dialog and specify a custom hyphenation pattern for the current word. Any such custom hyphenation pattern will automatically substitute for the corresponding default pattern normally used by Atlantis.

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