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Document Bar

The Document Bar of Atlantis works similarly to the Windows Taskbar. But instead of displaying currently working applications as buttons, each button of the Document Bar corresponds to a document currently open in Atlantis.

Document bar

With the Document Bar you can switch among open documents as easy as you switch among running programs through the Windows Taskbar. Just click a button of the Document Bar to activate the corresponding document.

You can show or hide the Document Bar by choosing the View | Document Bar main menu command.
If the Document Bar is currently displaying, you can also hide it by right-clicking it, and choosing the "Hide Document Bar" command from the popup menu. This menu also includes commands for changing the position (alignment) of the Document Bar.

When you have many files open in Atlantis, and the Document Bar cannot display all the document buttons, two small buttons are displayed in the Document Bar:

Document bar

You can use them to scroll the contents of the Document Bar in order to bring the buttons of the required documents into view.

But scrolling the Document Bar to locate a particular document might prove cumbersome. Also when you have documents with long filenames, these might display only partially in the Document Bar. In such cases, you could resize the Document Bar so that it could display more information simultaneously. To resize the Document Bar, grab the edge of the Document Bar with your mouse pointer and drag until you achieve an adequate size:

Document bar

Note that instead of grabbing the edge of the Document Bar with the mouse pointer, you can double-click it. This hides the Document Bar.

When you open new documents in Atlantis, they are added in sequence to the right of the Document Bar. The location of any particular document on the bar will probably be unimportant if few documents are open. But things might be different when a wide variety of documents are open. In this case, you might want to bring related buttons together on the bar for easier access. This is done by simple drag & drop. Just grab a button on the bar with the mouse pointer, and drag it to its new location:

Document bar

Note that if you drag the document's button outside the Document Bar area, this document is automatically closed:

Document bar


  • You can easily switch among the open documents by pressing the Alt+1, Alt+2, ..., Alt+9 keys.
    The Alt+0 displays a window with the complete list of open documents.
    The Ctrl+Tab keys can be also used for switching among the open documents.

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