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Toolbars are a very convenient way to perform many commands in Atlantis. Normally multiple toolbars are displayed at the top of the Atlantis main window. On the following screen capture, individual toolbars are framed with different colors:

Atlantis has 4 major toolbars: Standard, Formatting, Extended, and Preview. You can hide or show individual toolbars through the View | Toolbars main menu.

Each toolbar can include buttons with small graphic images (for example, Button image Button image Button image) and combo boxes which look like this:

Clicking tolbar buttons executes the associated command. In case with combo boxes, you will normally use them by choosing an item from the drop-down list attached to each combo box.

Note that two sizes of toolbar buttons - Small and Large - are possible. By default, toolbar buttons have the small size:

But if you check the View | Toolbars | Large Buttons menu command, toolbar buttons would look much bigger:

Many toolbar buttons have a drop-down menu attached. If a button has a drop-down menu, a small "down arrow" button is displayed to the right of this tolbar button:

By clicking these small buttons, you can open the corresponding menus. These drop-down menus include additional related commands. For example, the drop-down menu of the Save document as... toolbar button includes the following related commands:

Note that these drop-down menus are offered if the View | Toolbars | Drop Down Menus command is checked.

Combo Box Hints

When you move the mouse pointer over the drop-down lists of most combo boxes, a small hint window with a specific preview is displayed. For example, a hint window of the Font combo box displays a preview of text formatted with the font which is currently under the mouse pointer in the drop-down list:

Note that these hint windows are displayed if the View | Toolbars | Combo Box Hints command is checked.

Toolbar Sets

In Atlantis you have access to 2 sets of toolbars: Main toolbars and Alternative toolbars. You can easily switch from one set to another using the double Ctrl key press. Also you can click the Switch toolbars button for switching:

Using these two sets of toolbars, you are able to use twice as many commands at the press of a key.

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