Miscellaneous sample documents & templates

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File logoA letter asking for a personal interview to take a survey.rtf

File logoA Letter from Playgirl.rtf

File logoA Polish Mother's Letter Written To Her Son.rtf

File logoAccepting an invitation to a wedding.rtf

File logoAccepting an invitation to share a holiday.rtf

File logoAcknowledging Receipt of a Letter.rtf

File logoAnnouncing the birth of a baby.rtf

File logoApologizing for missing the interview.rtf

File logoApologizing for wrongly accepted invitation.rtf

File logoApology for the conduct of an employee.rtf

File logoAsking for meeting regarding job.rtf

File logoBanner creation.rtf

File logoBecause I have received no response to my request, I am escalating the matter.rtf

File logoBrochure.rtf

File logoBulleted and Numbered Lists.rtf

File logoCan't Fill Order.rtf

File logoChanging the Name of Business.rtf

File logoCollection Letter (1).rtf

File logoCollection Letter (2).rtf

File logoCollection Letter (3).rtf

File logoCollection Letter (4).rtf

File logoCollection Letter (5).rtf

File logoCollection Letter (6).rtf

File logoCollection Letter (7).rtf

File logoCongratulating on engagement (1).rtf

File logoCongratulating on engagement (2).rtf

File logoCongratulating on some especial success.rtf

File logoCreating Characters--Fill-in Chart.rtf

File logocv.rtf

File logoDeclining a job.rtf

File logoDeclining an invitation to a meeting.rtf

File logoFrom a bride to her new relatives-in-law.rtf

File logoHanging indents (2).rtf

File logoHappy Valentine's Day.rtf

File logoHeaders and Fields.rtf

File logoIndex Of Countries.rtf

File logoInforming About Reduced Prices.rtf

File logoIntroduction of a colleague.rtf

File logoInviting a friend over the weekend.rtf

File logoInviting a friend to one's wedding.rtf

File logoInviting a pen friend over the Easter holidays.rtf

File logoInviting friends over.rtf

File logoInviting someone to dinner.rtf

File logoLetter Regarding a Defective Merchandise.rtf

File logoMerchandise not Available.rtf

File logoMerry Christmas Darling.rtf

File logoMerry Christmas.rtf

File logoOffering a Discount.rtf

File logoOffering sympathies on the death of a friend.rtf

File logoQuestions and answers.rtf

File logoRaising the Cost of Merchandise.rtf

File logoRecognizing employee for a job.rtf

File logoRecommendation of employee.rtf

File logoRecommending employee.rtf

File logoRecommending for membership.rtf

File logoRefunding Account.rtf

File logoResponding to a letter of sympathy.rtf

File logoResponding to a standing invitation to dinner.rtf

File logoScreenplay (1).rtf

File logoScreenplay (2).zip

File logoShipment Delay.rtf

File logoThank you for your help in solving this problem.rtf

File logoThanking for having spoken regarding job.rtf

File logoThanking for present to a baby.rtf

File logoThanking someone for hospitality.rtf

File logoThe Chain Letter.rtf

File logoTo provide an unfavorable reference about a customer.rtf

File logoTo reject a complaint about goods damaged.rtf

File logoWeekends.rtf

File logoYou're kissable and cuddly.rtf

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