Release notes - version

This version is a minor update with a number of changes to the "Document properties" feature.

The "Document properties" dialog (the "File | Properties..." menu command) now includes additional items:

The 'Manager', 'Company' and 'Category' document properties

Atlantis now also maintains the automatic revision number for each document. Every time you save a document, its revision number gets automatically increased, and saved to the document file. The revision number of the active document is displayed by the "Tools | Word Count..." menu command:

The revision number

The document's revision number gets automatically reset to "1" when you resave the document through the "File | Save As..." command.

When available, the document's character count, word count, paragraph count, and page count get also saved by Atlantis to the document file. On some systems, this information can be viewed in file managers (right-click the document's file, choose the "Properties" menu command):

Viewing document properties in file managers

Important note: This version is a free update for the registered users of version 4.x and the owners of the Ultimate license. If you are a registered user of a previous major version of Atlantis Word Processor, please click here for the upgrade instructions.

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