Release notes - version 3.1.1

This version of Atlantis Word Processor introduces support for vertical toolbars:

Vertical toolbars

Vertically aligned toolbars will be useful on systems with wide screen displays providing you with more space for document contents.

To enable vertically aligned toolbars, use the corresponding commands of the "View | Toolbars | Position" menu:

The toolbar position menu

You might want to watch a video demonstration:

Watch a video: Vertical toolbars in Atlantis Word Processor  Vertical toolbars in Atlantis Word Processor

Important note: If you are a registered user of Atlantis Word Processor version 2.x (and higher), you can upgrade to version 3.1.1 for free.

If you own a copy of Atlantis Word Processor version 1.x, and want to upgrade to version 3.x, please click here for additional information on this update.

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