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Hot keys. Paragraph formatting
Command Hot key
Show the Paragraph Format dialog CtrlShiftG
Open the Style combo box CtrlShiftS
Left align CtrlL
Right align CtrlR
Centered align CtrlE
Justified align CtrlJ
Increase left indent CtrlM
Decrease left indent CtrlShiftM
Add / remove first line indent ShiftAltM
Increase first line outdent CtrlT
Decrease first line outdent CtrlShiftT
Single line spacing Ctrl1
1.5 line spacing Ctrl5
Double line spacing Ctrl2
Add / remove spacing before paragraph Ctrl0
Add / remove spacing after paragraph CtrlShift0
Add / remove spacing before & after paragraph ShiftAlt0
Reset paragraph format CtrlQ
Bulleted list CtrlShiftB

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