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You can quickly print a selection from the active document. Press the Ctrl+P keys to bring up the Print window, check the Selection radio button and print.
Hot keys. Font formatting
Command Hot key
Show the Font Format dialog CtrlD
Open the Font combo box CtrlShiftF
Open the Font size combo box CtrlShiftP
Bold CtrlB
Italic CtrlI
Underline CtrlU
Word underline CtrlShiftW
Strike CtrlKS This is a compound hot key.

Compound hot keys are multistep hot keys.

Let's take CtrlShiftKU as an example. You must:

1. Hold the Ctrl and Shift keys pressed,

2. Press and release the K key,

3. Press and release the U key,

4. Finally release the Ctrl and Shift keys.
Superscript CtrlShiftPlus
Subscript Ctrl=
Shrink font size Ctrl[
Grow font size Ctrl]
Shrink font size to the nearest predefined CtrlShift<
Grow font size to the nearest predefined CtrlShift>
Proportional font scaling ShiftAltS
Reset font format CtrlSpace
Decrease intercharacter spacing CtrlAlt
Increase intercharacter spacing CtrlAlt
Offset up CtrlAlt
Offset down CtrlAlt

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