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The "Font Format" dialog
The 'Font Format' dialog

Each item of this dialog represents a separate characteristic of the style's font format.

Some items might be in a so called undefined state (or indeterminate state). Check boxes that are in this undefined state, are grayed. Edit boxes are blank. No items selected in a list box that is in the undefined state.

The undefined state of a particular item in this dialog means that the corresponding characteristic of the style's font format will be inherited from the font format of the base style.

To specify the undefined state for a checkbox, just keep clicking it until it gets grayed.

To specify the undefined state for an edit box or for a list box, right-click it, then choose the Clear command:

Undefined state

Click the Default... button to make the current font format the default font format in Atlantis. The current font format would be saved to the default document template used by Atlantis to create new documents.

Click the Copy button to place the current font format onto the Font Format Clipboard, a proprietary storage buffer of Atlantis meant for font formatting.

Click the Paste button to load the formatting from the Font Format Clipboard to the dialog.

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