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   Atlantis Word Processor Registration

Atlantis Word Processor is a "try-before-you-buy" software. To continue using Atlantis Word Processor beyond the 30-day evaluation period (starting with the first day of use), you must register your copy of Atlantis Word Processor.

As a registered user of Atlantis Word Processor, you receive a license by email entitling you to

  • All language versions of Atlantis Word Processor.

  • All future maintenance releases and upgrades of Atlantis Word Processor version 1.x.

  • All available add-on spellcheckers.

  • A registration code to cancel all registration reminders.

  • Free personalized technical support by email.

  • A free license for ImagiPass, to create and manage crucial passwords. If you already registered a copy of Atlantis, click here to claim your free copy of ImagiPass.

The registration fee is $35 or the corresponding amount in another currency according to the current exchange rate.*

You can purchase Atlantis Word Processor online. Following payment clearance, you will receive your registration code by email within minutes.


Should you have questions about the registration form, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are interested in obtaining a site license for an organization, please click here. We also have special prices for educational and nonprofit organizations.

* Orders from EU customers are also subject to VAT. Orders from residents of some US states are subject to local taxes.   Downloads       Forum        Blog       Contact Info