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Font Format

A font format includes the following characteristics:

Name (or typeface)

The font name characteristic refers to specific characteristics of characters and symbols in the font, such as the width of the thick and thin strokes that compose the characters and the presence or absence of serifs.

All character glyphs of a font share a common design.

The following are the examples of different typefaces:


Font sizes are specified in points (1 pt = 1/72 inch):

Font color

The font color is used to draw the face of each character:

Among the available font colors, there is a special color - Auto. The actual color that is used for displaying characters formatted with the Auto color, depends on the Display Properties of Windows (Start | Settings > Control Panel > Display > Appearance > Window Text) and the settings of Atlantis (Tools | Options... > Colors).

Characters that should be black printed on paper, should be formatted with the Auto color.


Highlights text with a background color:

Underline style & color

Atlantis can display lines of various shapes, thickness, and color beneath the text:

When the underline Auto color is selected, the actual color of the underline matches the font color of the text. For example, if the text is formatted with the blue font color, the underline will be blue too.


Characters formatted with "bold", look thicker than non-bold characters:


Characters formatted with "italic", look inclined to the right:


When a character is formatted with "strikeout", Atlantis draws a horizontal line through this character:

Double strikeout

The same as "strikeout" but a double line is drawn:


Characters formatted with "superscript", display as an upper index of mathematical formulas:


Characters formatted with "subscript", display as a lower index of mathematical or chemical formulas:

Small caps

Any lowercase letter formatted with "small caps", displays as a capital letter of a reduced size:

Small caps formatting does not affect numbers, punctuation, nonalphabetic characters, or uppercase letters.

All caps

A letter formatted with "all caps", always displays in uppercase.


When a character is formatted with "shadow", Atlantis adds a shadow behind, beneath and to the right of the selected text:


When a character is formatted with "outline", Atlantis displays the inner and outer borders of this character:


When a character is formatted with "emboss", Atlantis displays it as if it is raised off the page in relief:


When a character is formatted with "engrave", Atlantis displays it as if it is imprinted or pressed into the page:


Allows to stretch or compress text horizontally:


Allows to display text compressed (with decreased intercharacter spacing) or expanded (with increased intercharacter spacing):


Allows to display text with vertical offset:


Some quality fonts contain information about pairs of characters which could be placed more tightly or spaced more evenly within a paragraph line to produce more even and natural appearance of text.

A minimal font size of characters to apply kerning to is specified. As a rule the kerning is used for larger font sizes.