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Registering as a forum member

In order to post messages to the Atlantis Forum, you need to register as a forum member. Registering is completely free of charge and will take only a few minutes.

To register as a member of the Atlantis Forum, you can

Click "Register" at the top of the main page of the Atlantis Forum:

Clicking the Register button

Or just click here. This will display the forum registration page.

To avoid possible delays in the treatment of your application, we suggest that you fill in only the required fields on the registration form (they are marked with an asterisk):

Required fields

"Username" can be any alias or nickname (for example, "agent007", "firefly", "mightyduck", etc), or a combination of your first name and last name (for example, "James Warner" or "Richard B").

You also need to specify a valid email address. If you specify a wrong email address, your forum account will not be created.

When you have filled in the required fields, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the registration form:

Clicking the Submit button

Your forum application will be processed by the forum administrator who will promptly send you a message confirming your membership.

As soon as you are a member and your forum account has been activated, you can log in to the forum using the "Log in" panel at the bottom of the forum main page:

Logging in

Note that your Web browser can log you on automatically whenever you visit the Atlantis Forum. For this, check the "Log me on automatically each visit" box in that same panel.

Posting messages

When you are logged on to the forum, you can not only read posts made by other forum members but also post your own messages. To post to the forum, click the "new topic" or "post reply" buttons:

Posting new topic

The "new topic" button obviously allows you to start a new forum topic. All forum members will be able to add replies to it.

On the other hand, use the "post reply" button to add a post to an existing topic.

Attaching images and files

When composing forum posts, you might want to include images, sample documents or other files to illustrate your point. This is achieved by attaching the corresponding files to your posts.

The pictures that you attach to your posts need to be of the following graphic formats: GIF, PNG, or JPEG.

Let's take an example. Let's suppose that you want to attach a picture of the Atlantis window to your forum post.

  1. You must first create and save the picture. Here is how to proceed:
    • Make sure the Atlantis window is displaying on your monitor screen.
    • Press the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard (on the standard English keyboard, the "Print Screen" key can be found next to the "F12" key). This will automatically place the captured image onto the Windows clipboard.
    • Paste the clipboard data to any document in Atlantis (Ctrl+V).
    • Right-click the pasted image and use the "Picture | Save As..." command from the menu to save it to your hard drive as a GIF, PNG, or JPEG image.
  2. Go to the Atlantis Forum, compose a message and attach the saved graphic file to your post in the following way:
    • Click the "Choose File" (or "Browse") button in the "Add an Attachment" section below the text section:
      Clicking Add an Attachment
    • This will bring up the "Choose file" dialog. Use it to locate the graphic file that you want to attach to your post, select (highlight) the file name, then click "Open":
      Choosing a graphic file
    • Click the "Add Attachment" button to attach the selected image to your post:
      Clicking Add Attachment

Use the same method to add other file types to your posts if need be (for example, sample document files).

Note that you could add multiple images or files to your post. Simply repeat the steps outlined right above.

For more information on the features of the Atlantis Forum, please see the Forum FAQ.

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