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Customizing toolbars

If you want to change the set of commands available through the Atlantis toolbars, choose the Tools | Toolbars... main menu command, or right-click Atlantis toolbars and choose the Customize... command from the menu that would pop up. It would bring the Toolbars dialog:


As a first step, choose a set of toolbars which you want to modify (click either the Main toolbars tab or Alternative toolbars tab).

From the Installed commands box choose a toolbar (Standard, Formatting, Extended, etc) which you want to modify. The commands already available on the selected toolbars are displayed immediately below the list of toolbars.

To remove a command (either a button or a combo box) from the selected toolbar, click the desired command in the Installed commands box, then click the << button.

To add a new command to the selected toolbar:

  1. Choose a command category from the Categories box. The following categories are available: File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Window and Help. The All Commands category includes all the Atlantis commands.
  2. Click the desired command from the Available commands box.
  3. Click the >> button.
  4. Use the Up arrow and Down arrow buttons to place a newly added command to the desired position on the selected toolbar.

You can also move commands between the Available commands and Installed commands boxes with Drag & Drop.

Use the Apply button to immediately apply all your changes to the toolbars without closing this dialog.

Click Restore Default to restore the original toolbar settings without closing this dialog.

After clicking the Apply or Restore Default, you could still use the Cancel button to revert to your previous toolbar arrangement which you had before calling the Toolbars dialog.


At the bottom of the Toolbars dialog you will find two check boxes:

  • When the Show hot keys in toolbar hints box is checked, the various toolbar hints displayed when you place the mouse over a toolbar button or combo box, might include information about the hot keys associated with the corresponding command:
    Toolbar hint
  • As you might know, pressing Ctrl twice in Atlantis switches toolbars (activates either the Main toolbars or Alternative toolbars). You can disable this hot key for switching toolbars by unchecking the Double Ctrl switches toolbars box.

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