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Customizing menus

To customize the main menu of Atlantis, choose the Tools | Menus... main menu command. It would bring the Menus dialog.

The left pane of this dialog displays your current menus. You can remove the desired commands from the menus, add new commands, rename menu items, change keyboard accelerators for menu items, etc.

The Available commands box in the right pane of this dialog lists all the commands of Atlantis that can be placed on the menus. For adding a new command to your menus, select the desired command from the Available commands box, then either click the << button, or simply grab the desired command from the Available commands box with the mouse, and drag to the desired location within your menus in the left pane of this dialog.

To remove a command selected in the left pane from your menus, click the >> button, or grab this command with the mouse, and drag it outside the left pane. When you drag a command selected in the left pane, the Cannot drop cursor indicates that if you release the mouse, the selected command would be removed from your menus. If you do not want to remove the selected command, you could press Esc to cancel Drag & Drop. Note that you cannot remove the top-level items of your menus (File, Edit, View, Insert, etc).

You can click the arrow buttons to move the selected command up or down within the selected menu in the left pane. Alternatively you can use Drag & Drop to move commands within the left pane to new locations within your menus.

Click the Rename... button if you want to change caption of the selected command in the left pane. Note: you can include & to menu captions. A character following & in a menu caption, might be displayed underlined in menus. Such a character is called the keyboard accelerator. When this menu item is showing in your menus, you can quickly access ("click") it by pressing this accelerator. For example, by default the "Open..." item in the "File" menu has the "O" letter underlined. This means that when the "File" menu is showing, you can press the "O" key in order to select ("click") the "Open..." menu item. When the menus are not showing, you can quickly access any menu command simply by holding the Alt key, then pressing the corresponding keyboard accelerators. For example, knowing that the "F" letter is underlined in the caption of the "File" menu, you can press Alt+F,O keys in order to select the "File | Open..." menu command. Note that Atlantis does not allow the same accelerator for two menu items in the same menu. So when you rename menu items, insert new menu commands, or reorder commands, Atlantis might adjust keyboard accelerators of the corresponding menu items in order to resolve keyboard accelerator conflicts between menu items.

The New Submenu... button can be used to create a new submenu in the currently showing menu in the left pane. By default a newly created submenu is empty. But you could add new commands to it by using any method mentioned above.

Click the Restore Default button if you want like to revert to the default menus of Atlantis.

If the Display command hot keys in menus box is checked, menu items display information about hot keys that can be used to execute these menu commands:

Menu hot key

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