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You can create a list of favorite symbols in the Insert Symbol dialog for direct access from this same dialog. Click here for details...
Accessing the main menu in Full Screen mode

The Full Screen mode of Atlantis is fully customizable. On the View tab of the "Tools | Options..." dialog, you can specify which components of the Atlantis window will be displayed under the Full Screen mode:

The 'Full Screen' mode options

By default, the main menu The main menu or simply menu is a horizontal bar with clickable commands anchored to the top of the main window of Atlantis:

Main menu
is not available under the Full Screen mode. But this main menu will appear if you ride your mouse against the top edge of the screen, and click:

The main menu under the Full Screen mode

When one menu item is visible, dragging the mouse cursor right or left along the top edge of the screen will display the other menu items.

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