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Embedding Fonts

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Atlantis allows me to embed a font when I save the DOC file as an EPUB file, but I can't find a way to embed a font in the saved DOC file. MS Word supposedly allows you to do that but apparently not Atlantis. My reason for wanting to embed a font is so that Kindle readers can have the option to select "Publisher Font" if they want to. No big deal, but would be nice.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
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Post by Robert »

In Atlantis, you can embed fonts in EPUB files.
Note that it would be illegal to embed fonts that are not free of DRM.
Atlantis automatically saves documents to the MOBI format if the KindleGenn utility is present in the Atlantis user’s folder (C:\Users\<user’s name>\Documents\Atlantis).
However, the MOBI format does not support font embedding at all.
To embed fonts for a Kindle device, you need to use the AZW3 format, which Atlantis does not support.
You could use Calibre to create an AZW3 file, and embed fonts in it. But this can be very tricky and might not pass validation on the Amazon site.
You might want to take a look at the following pages:
How to Use Custom Fonts with Kindles – Embed Fonts in Kindle eBooks
Embedding Fonts with Calibre
Embedding Fonts in Kindle eBooks
Embed fonts in mobi
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Sorry, Bill, but you cannot embed fonts in DOC files with Atlantis Word Processor.
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