Atlantis Reader (copied fromtpoic Columns)

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Atlantis Reader (copied fromtpoic Columns)

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Of course, Atlantis Nova could open ANY document created by Atlantis Ocean Mind or by another word processor. But if a document is formatted in two (or more) columns, Atlantis Nova could open this document but it would be displayed & printed as it was formatted in single column mode.

Atlantis Nova simply skips document components which it does not understand or support.


Have you thought of producing an Atlantis Reader ?

Strip out all the writing components, and make it able to simply to print any document formatted by Ocean Mind with the full range of formatting. Probably 300KB

Of course, like Adobe Acrobat Reader you would include on-screen advertising for the full Atlantis.

Atlantis seems to be like my tax code. That seems to be the same as it was 5 years ago. Atlantis has more and more features, but seems to be the same size as the first release of Ocean Mind.
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