My thanks to Atlantis!

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My thanks to Atlantis!

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Atlantis is a wonderful word processor. I use a lot of software, and Atlantis is what I go to when I want to work on a book project. I have three licenses, one for the desktop and two others for my laptops.

I could talk about the great features, the ease of use of the application, and the really nice interface ... but my reason for this post is to express my appreciation for the ease with which I was able to move Atlantis to a new desktop after my old Acer desktop finally died several weeks ago after a prolonged illness.

I keep meticulous records of my software installations. I had the registration number for my installation of Atlantis on the Acer computer. I downloaded and installed the trial version of Atlantis, and then entered the registration number for the copy of Atlantis on the dead computer, along with my email address associated with that registration number.

I was not sure that this would work, but it did. I wish that it could always be that easy.

Thanks, guys!
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