Atlantis Word Processor 4.3.8 (beta)

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Atlantis Word Processor 4.3.8 (beta)

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Atlantis Word Processor 4.3.8 is available for betatesting.

This version has a reworked tool for creating tables of contents. It adds support for creating tables of contents from custom styles and direct outline levels of paragraphs, and introduces advanced methods for creating multiple tables of contents in same document:


You can find details here.

Please use the link below to download the setup file of the beta version of Atlantis, and use it to install the beta on your computer:

Setup file of Atlantis Word Processor (size: 2.8 MB) (build a8, released on Mar 30, 2024)

You can install this new version to the current home folder of Atlantis on your system, if any, or to a different folder. If you decide to revert to the previous version, you can download & run its setup file to downgrade.

Use the "Help | Check for Updates..." menu command to keep your beta copy of Atlantis up-to-date.

Please post your comments, suggestions, or bug reports to this forum (click "Post reply" below). You can also email them to If you encounter any difficulty with this version of Atlantis, try to tell us as much and as accurately as possible about the problem.
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