only allows one document to be open

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only allows one document to be open

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Longtime Atlantis user. Have had it installed on current laptop for six months or so, behaving normally.

As of yesterday, opening a document closes any other open document .. without a prompt to save. Atlantis is only allowing one document to be open at any one time.

Once open, editing etc. seems to be normal, but clearly there's some issue with file opening / closing / saving, so I'm not going to risk working on a document and losing changes.

Have I inadvertently selected an 'open only one document at a time' option without realising it? If so, that's an option I've never come across before, with Atlantis on numerous laptops / pcs.

The laptop itself (WIn 10) is otherwise behaving normally.


As you were. Answer found. A View settings issue. Would delete this if I knew how.
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Re: only allows one document to be open

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OK. But what was that "View settings issue"?
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