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Date dialog English American

Post by Shan »

I discovered the solution before posting but I will post to help others.

Atlantis often has an exe error and freezes so I have to close and reopen. I can live with that but I lose a few preferences. One is my Insert date format. This time I cannot reset it. I am stuck with American style
I have selected English UK and Edited the top field to
The preview still shows American order

The answer is I have to DELETE the contents of the top box and redo it, NOT replace parts of it.
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Re: Date dialog English American

Post by Robert »

Atlantis should not “often have exe error and freeze”. It can only happen at times with specific documents and specific strings of commands. It would help if you sent such a document to with exact steps to reproduce the problem. Please say which Atlantis version you are using on which Windows system. Please also send your current configuration ("Tools | Options… > Save to File…").
Note that the default date is inserted following the language that is current at the insertion point. If the current language is US English at the insertion point, the default date is inserted with its US English format. If you want to insert the date with the default UK English format for dates, you need to insert it at a location where the current language is UK English.
Here are the steps to change the default UK English format for dates:
1. Select UK English as the target language in the "Insert | Date & Time…" dialog.
2. Select the default date format among the "Available formats" on the left. It should be the one preceded by a "D" on top of the list:


Then click the "Edit…" button.
3. In the "Edit Date/Time Format" dialog", change the date format as desired. You don't actually need to delete the contents of the top box and redo it. In your case, you simply need to delete the unrequired elements and add the forward slashes. "The Preview should be consistent with your changes:


4. OK out of "Edit Date/Time Format" dialog" and of all open dialogs.
Using "Insert | Date" or "Shift+Alt+D" should insert the date as set into a document whose current language is UK English.
Now if Atlantis crashes after you have set a new format for the UK English date, most likely your changes won't be saved to the registry. To make sure your format changes for the date are registered, close Atlantis, then reopen it.

A tip .To make sure any changes you make to your Atlantis settings are kept, you can save your current configuration to a file ("Tools | Options… > Save to File…") and name it "MyAtlantis.ini" for example. After that, you can place a new icon on your desktop launching the following command-line:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Atlantis\awp.exe" /dss /lsi /sfn "C:\Users\<User's Name>\Documents\Atlantis\MyAtlantis.ini"
"dss" means "DontSaveSettings" on close.
"lsi" means "LoadSettingsFromIni".
"sfn" means "SettingsFileName". The settings that will automatically be loaded will be the ones you saved to "MyAtlantis.ini".
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