Hour/Day-wise color themes

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Hour/Day-wise color themes

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It's just an idea, but for those who use color themes in Atlantis, would you consider for any future release making them programmable? Like, hour and day-wise?

I spend at least a total of four hours a day in Atlantis. After I took an eye surgery that made my eyes more delicate, I started using color themes because I found out that a non-pure white page background makes working in the word processor more comfortable for my eyesight.

For example, I use a light blue background color during the day, but I prefer to switch to an earth-color theme such as Pompeii at night because it tires my eyes less and exposure to bright cool light light disrupts my sleep. But it gets annoying to manually switch between themes every day. It would be much more comfortable to program Atlantis to switch colors automatically after, say, 8:00 PM and back in the morning.

Other people might enjoy programming a color for a specific day of the week, such as blue Monday or green Sunday. Might help keep track of the day of the week and deadlines, and make your work more inspiring, too.

Are there other users here who use color themes? What color do you like your Atlantis? :)
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