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Atlantis Word Processor 3.2

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Atlantis Word Processor 3.2 is available for betatesting.

This version introduces the Index feature. An index lists the terms and topics discussed in a document and the pages on which they appear. You can now use Atlantis to generate an index in any of your documents.

Before generating the index, you should insert index entries to your document. Index entries are special non-printable objects that are used by Atlantis to generate an index. Each index entry tells Atlantis to include a corresponding term or topic in the document's index.

In order to create a new index entry, click the word or select the fragment that you want to include in your index. Then press Shift+Alt+X or click the "New index entry" button of the "Insert" toolbar:


Then specify properties of a new index entry:


and click the "Mark" button.

If you make a multiple selection (i.e. select multiple words or fragments in the document) before pressing Shift+Alt+X or clicking the "New index entry" button of the "Insert" toolbar, the "Mark" button of the "Mark Index Entry" dialog would insert a new index entry before each of the selected fragments.

If you click the "Mark All" button of the "Mark Index Entry" dialog, Atlantis would scan the whole documents for instances of the currently selected word or phrase, and associate each of those instances with an index entry according to options specified by you in the "Mark Index Entry" dialog.

When the "View | Special Symbols" mode of Atlantis is on, index entries display in the document window in this way:


The best way to manage index entries in a document is a new "Index" panel of the Atlantis Control Board:


It can be used to modify existing index entries, delete them, use a concordance file to add more entries, etc.

After creating index entries, you can insert an index itself. To do so, click a location in your document where you want to insert a new index, then click the "Index" command of the "Insert" toolbar:


This would display the "Index" dialog:


Just specify required options for your index, then click OK.

If you click or select an index in a document, the "Index" context toolbar would display:


You can use it to update the selected index, modify its properties, delete it, etc.

Please click here to download the setup file of the beta version of Atlantis Word Processor, and use it to install the beta on your computer.

Please install this new version to the current home folder of Atlantis on your system, if any. This will prevent conflicts between different versions of Atlantis. If you decide to revert to the previous version, you can download & run its setup file to downgrade.

Please post your comments, suggestions, or bug reports to the Atlantis Forum, the Atlantis Facebook page, or email us at

If you encounter any difficulty with this version of Atlantis, try to tell us as much and as accurately as possible about the problem.

You can check for updates to this beta by choosing the "Help | Check for Updates..." menu command.
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