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 Reviews of Atlantis Word Processor
CNet Editor's Review "...Atlantis is more than just a mythical tale of riches under the sea — it's a powerful word processing system that will let you create your own tall tales that look great, too."

CNet Editor

PC World Review "This word processor seems ideally suited for writers and students, with all the editing and formatting tools you'd expect..."

Kim Saccio-Kent, PC World

PC World Review "The program is extremely easy-to-use and very intuitive, perfect for both new and experienced users."

Dr. File Finder, Tucows

Review by DonationCoder "If you're wanting a word processor to dance with you rather than dictate to you, and one that packs power and speed into its document length, Atlantis should be at the top of the list."

Zaine Ridling, DonationCoder

Review by IT Reviews "Atlantis Word Processor (AWP) is a long lost piece of software, discovered at the bottom of the ocean on an ancient computer which was probably fashioned by aliens; possibly the extra-terrestrials who originally populated Earth with human beings as part of a galactic reality TV experiment."

Alex Cruickshank, Editor, IT Reviews

Review by SoftPedia "It's a good product with lots of good features... I also liked that the interface is entirely customizable."

SoftPedia's Editor

Review by TechPin "Atlantis Word Processor is a really pleasant surprise, from almost every point of view, so all I can do now is advise you to give it a try..."

Codrut Nistor, TechPin

Review by Moriah Jovan for TeleRead "With a few exceptions, it kinda looks like Word, kinda acts like Word, intuitively enough that you don't mind the exceptions."

Moriah Jovan, TeleRead

Review by "Atlantis Word Processor is a professional word processor that can create ebooks, save encrypted documents, use an advanced typing assistant and customizable in many ways."   Downloads       Forum        Blog       Contact Info