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a utility to create and manage crucially important passwords.

  What does ImagiPass do?

ImagiPass safely creates, recalls and enters passwords. You will use ImagiPass to encrypt/decrypt documents, to log into email accounts, Forum or Web sites, or to enter passwords in software or Web forms. ImagiPass is meant for Internet and security-conscious users.

  Why use ImagiPass?

Most of us have important passwords that we would never want to forget or outsiders to know. This is where ImagiPass comes in. The main goal of ImagiPass is to provide maximum security for passwords. ImagiPass is as safe as Fort Knox. No one else but you will ever be able to access or retrieve your passwords.

What's more, you won't have to memorize any password. And you will still be able to recall any of them whenever needed!

  How can this be?

Simply because ImagiPass will never actually store your passwords at all! You will store foolproof picture mnemonics in your own head! ImagiPass will only recompute the original passwords from the custom combination of pictures that you used to create the passwords in the first place. And to cap it all, ImagiPass will also automatically enter the passwords for you, typo-free passwords, of course!

So with the help of ImagiPass, you will effortlessly create, recall and enter long and secure passwords. You will only have to remember combinations of pictures.   More...

  Using ImagiPass is as easy as ABC!

Click here for detailed information on ImagiPass.

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  Download ImagiPass

Click the link below to download ImagiPass.
Then run the downloaded file on your system.
This will install ImagiPass on your computer.

Setup file of ImagiPass (size: 1.7 MB).

The current version of ImagiPass is
  Register ImagiPass

ImagiPass is a "try-before-you-buy" software. You can install ImagiPass on your computer, and evaluate it for up to 15 days for free. To continue using ImagiPass beyond the 15-day evaluation period, you must register your copy of ImagiPass.

Click here to register your copy of ImagiPass.

Note. There is a possibility of free registration! Follow the above link for details.

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