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 Atlantis Word Processor Blog Archive

Release of Atlantis

Terminating support for the U3 platform

Release of Atlantis


Celebrating 10 years of Atlantis Word Processor!

Release of Atlantis

Adding phrases to the spellchecker dictionary

More ways to follow us

Release of Atlantis (beta)

U3: rather dead than alive

Release of Atlantis

Getting rid of section breaks, but not section formatting

Release of Atlantis (beta)

Snap to

Release of Atlantis

Tweaking ePubs (5): Make it quick with a right-click

Heading-less chapters (2)

Sticking with JPEG

Heading-less chapters

Fallback fonts in EPUBs

Release of Atlantis (beta)

New EPUB logo

iPads and breaking pages for sure


Portable fonts

Fonts, fonts, fonts

The feel of paper

Automatic text wrapping

Automatic Q&A patterns

Break gracefully (2)

Break gracefully

Cleaning out document styles

Batch reencryption

Release of Atlantis

Changing file associations

Atlantis settings, or When the late bird gets the worm

Secret weapon of the Format Brush

Batch conversion

Retrieving document pictures

Running Atlantis with "factory" settings

Highlighting and Font Format

Opening multiple documents

Default toolbar commands

Page breaks in eBooks

"Print layout" vs "Print preview"

Hanging indents (2)

Atlantis Miscellaneous improvements

The Window is the Limit

Release of Atlantis (beta)

Release of Atlantis 1.6.5

Power Type is speeding up

Updating under Vista

Getting less noisy

Lifting limitations

Samples go online

eBook cover images and Mobipocket

Moving text with a key press

Hanging indents

Font embedding in eBooks

Merry Christmas

Beta versions: Easy upgrading

Perfectionism in action

Tweaking ePubs (4): Choosing a text editor

Release of Atlantis 1.6.5 (beta)

Keep those hands on the keyboard (4): The Alt+NNN method

Document formats: Winter cleaning

OpenDocument in the pipeline

Release of Atlantis

Keep those hands on the keyboard (3): Fast dialoguing

Keep those hands on the keyboard (2): Zoom, spellcheck, and switch back

Keep those hands on the keyboard: You're not old hat, you're smart!

Open dashes vs Closed dashes

Optimizing PNG images

What's under the hood: Supercompact RTFs

Tweaking ePubs (3): Page margins

Tweaking ePubs (2): Metadata

Tweaking ePubs: It's just a ZIP file!

Your first eBook

Release of Atlantis (beta)

Validating ePubs

eBook creation: still polishing

About Windows, birds and mice

Windows Vista, or Where is my choice?

"Delay, or not delay - that is the question"

Keep it short

Last "big" format

What do experts say?

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